Day 355 of 365 – The Wyndham Exchange

Orangeville is one of the towns that surround the GTA and has become an increasing popular location among people being priced out of the market in places like, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Newmarket and Milton.  Even Bolton has gone crazy with the prices.  People are looking for stable communities to live in and raise a family yet still being close to the high paying jobs the GTA provides.

This means that there are a few cash for gold Orangeville locations where you can easily sell your old or broken jewels for a decent coin. The Wyndham Exchange is the newest arrival to Orangeville.  It’s half the size of the store thay had in Guelph but after years of operation and the construction of the downtown core it was time to move on.  Guelphs loss and Orangevilles gain if you ask me.

The Wyndham Exchange has some cool stuff and I have no moral qualms about purchasing it. I haven’t pawned anything with them, so I can’t speak to their character, but they do have a pretty good selection of your typical pawn shop stuff, like cameras, watches, video games, computers monitors and even some Apple commodore screens, stereos, guitars, amps, cds, and tvs, coins, jewelry and some much more….

Apple Commodore Screens

Apple Commodore Screens

It seems like a quality establishment run by a pro…

Wyndham Exchange is located at 47 Broadway Blvd, Orangeville ON, and you can reach them at 1 519.940.3700

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