Day 341 of 365 – RE/MAX Beach Front Office

Do photos tell a story?  How about the written word or is video better then the other 2?  Well your going to get all three today.

You see, I was in Toronto and Caledon all day yesterday.  Listed my Dads house in the afternoon then multiple offers on my Caledon bungalow at 9:00pm, which was accepted 🙂

On my back to the office a friend of mine called to tell me that first street was washed out because of the more than 100 mms of rain that fell.  It caused some homes, businesses and streets to flood.  Well I couldn’t get to my office because the water was up the front door…You have to be kidding right!!!!  No, I’m serious  and I have video and photo as proof!

So this blog is about my RE/MAX beach front property.  Come by for a visit or come by if you need my help selling your home or looking for another one.  I might have some swap land for sale 😉

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