Day 339 of 365 – The Uptown Theatre

Growing up in Toronto, I’ve seen all kinds of small movie theaters in my time.  Even in Alliston they have one.  There is something comforting about the small independent theaters.  I guess it just bring back the memories of my youth..LOL.  But I’m always excited to see them! It’s been way to long since the The Uptown Theater in downtown Orangeville, ON has been open to the public for movies. The Uptown was once the staple of the town of Orangeville since 1927 and was remodeled in the late-1940’s. It operated as a single screen movie theater until the late-1970’s, when a second screen was added on the second floor I think it deserves to be the local public movie house, but that is not reality.

In 2002 the Uptown was purchased by the Good Friends Fellowship Church. From my understanding the first floor theater is now a sanctuary using original refurbished seats. The upper theater is used for children’s activities and a media studio. If you look every closely you can see the words “Uptown Theater” in the original brick work. Movies still play once a month so if your in the area by and check out one of the movies 🙂

The Uptown Theatre is located on Broadway in downtown Orangeville, Ontario

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