Day 338 of 365 – Natural Choice

Life’s funny some times..Ever since I started my little project I have come across so many bits of information that would have otherwise slipped though my fingers if I wasn’t paying attention.

Today I was walking by Natural Choice and decided that I needed to mention them in a blog post.  But before I do here is a little bit of Orangeville History about the building Natural Choice is in.

205 Broadway was built c.1875 as “Fead Block”. Originally built by James Fead, a private banker and land developer. 1910-1925 became the Orangeville Business College and in 1926 was the location of the Orangeville Presbyterian Church.

Natural Choice sells quality homeopathics, vitamins, herbs and natural skin care, books and just about anything you can think of 🙂  and they have  been in business for over 15 years!  I think they even have more vitamins that the drug store…LOL

Ok, so they sell health care products.  So what!  But wait there’s more! They also have Homeopathy Consultations.

I asked myself, What is Homeopathy? Well it’s an effective and gentle system of medicine that treats the whole person (mental, emotional and physical) not just the disease. It works with the body’s ability to heal itself when correctly stimulated and helps to strengthen your immune system.

Kangen Living Water is a cool product they sell.  You might want to ask these questions but come into Natural Choice to hear the answers 🙂

  1. Do you know what is really in your tap water?
    Bottle Water – is it as good for you as you think?

They have Demo’s and Presentations every other Tuesday at 6:15PM at Natural Choice. Call for details! 519-940-4100

Natural Choice is located at 205 BroadwayOrangeville, ONL9W 1K4 and they can be reached at 519-940-4100

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