Day 336 of 365 – From The Kitchen To The Table

From The Kitchen To The Table must be the world’s best Kitchen gift store, surely? I know that lots of people have favourite kitchen places but I feel pretty lucky that From The Kitchen To The Table mother ship in Orangeville is my local indie.  I have friends that go there to soothe their shopping soul :).  Yes there are other stores in town like Winners but they just sell stuff.  From The Kitchen To The Table sells quality stuff.  I really like this store and the fact that it’s an independent store is a bonus…No big box stores….

At From The Kitchen To The Table I’ve found that they have a great selection of kitchen ware as well as gift ware. And I’ve always been able to find things on sale or at a reasonable price and they are so awesome with service, in which no-one is hassled just to buy something.

For the last 14 years they have weathered the big box stores and each time you go in you will know exactly where the pots and pans are…They don’t move things around every few months.  This will go down well for us guys that get take 1 hour in the grocery store just to find the eggs..LOL

One of the things that I really like to shop there for is kitchen ware. I really like their selection of pots, dishes, cutting board, kitchen utensils and other kitchen goods. I’ve found that the quality of the items is usually quite high and has multiple uses.

I also really like the gift ware and I think I might have found some Christmas presents here but that’s for another blog…..

From The Kitchen To The Table is located at 125 Broadway Orangeville On and can be reached at 519.942-5908

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  1. Thank you very much, this warms my heart – thanks for visit and chat. Sigrid

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