Day 333 of 365 – Split Rock Narrows

The Dufferin Hi Land Bruce Trail Club had it’s open house to showcase a parcel of property, known as Split Rock Narrows this past weekend. Currently the Bruce Trail Conservancy is in the midst of acquiring this awesome property and I was lucky enough to attend before my appointments..but just 🙂

So the question I was asked while on the trail was, “Is the Bruce Trail a big deal”? It’s very long, yes; it cuts right through the middle of the province all the way from Niagara to Tobermory. It runs along the Niagara Escarpment the whole way – a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. There’s no admission fee. It’s available to anybody, from anywhere, at anytime. And it doesn’t cost the government anything to operate because Bruce Trail Conservancy members provide the resources, a few staff and a lot of volunteers to do the work.

The Bruce Trail provides the opportunity for anyone with a two feet or one in some cases to get outdoors, to have an adventures day, to stay healthy, to appreciate the beauty, the flora, the fauna, the landforms – tarmacs of trilliums and trout lilies in spring, the cool green baize of a mature forest in summer, a mixed hardwood and coniferous mosaic in fall and then a cold, blank snow-deep ridgeline in winter or just find a nice big tree and sit down under it and read a book.

So the Bruce Trail is a good thing, right? It’s hard to argue against? My answer, you bet it is!!!

Surely the Bruce Trail is a done deal, right? I mean it’s been around for almost fifty years. So, it’s not going anywhere. It’s always going to be here for you and your kids and your grandkids, won’t it? Unfortunately the answer to those questions is “Not necessarily.” And that’s the issue.

Only half of the 869 km-long main Bruce Trail has been secured: so,more than half of the Trail is at risk. It’s at risk because the development pressures are never going away. It’s at risk from changes that future governments might make to environment protection legislation and regulation, Just look what the Harper Government is doing right now. It’s at risk because much of it crosses private land on simple handshake agreements with landowners. (A fair chunk of it is on roads to get around sections where permission to follow the optimum route for the Trail has not been forthcoming.)

I would like to introduce you to soon to be acquired property called Splitrock Narrows. This once mighty glacier, is now a majestic meadow filled with rolling hills, passageways, lavish forests, and wildflowers, huge patches of birch trees offers the pubic the ability to enjoy hikes extended from the Optimum Route, with the help, commitment, and donations of the club.

This awesome 73 acres of prime Niagara Escarpment forest, cliff, and meadow is an great area to explore and a brilliant opportunity to experience Splitrock Narrows, including the crevice system, early wildflowers, and unbelievable views along with the company of others.

Split Rock Narrows is located just north of Mono Cliffs Park at 755437 2nd Line EHS in Mono (north of 25 Sideroad).

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