Day 324 of 365 – Cliff-Top Viewing Platform – Mono Cliff Provincial Park

The other day I was having a late afternoon lunch with a really awesome family from Toronto. We were talking about all the great homes they saw and what they liked about the areas we had been to.   The son asked “what was the Mono Cliff place all about?”

Well if you like hiking then this is the place for you 🙂

You see if your looking for an outstanding lookout point the Cliff Top trail is the one trail you want to go on. The Mono Cliffs Provincial Park where the Bruce Trail’s Lookout Trail climbs over 1,640 feet above sea level atop a moraine hill with awesome views that extend as far as the CN Tower on a clear day. In the spring is when you can really see far because the summer smog in the city is blocking your view.  In the autumn it’s also a must-see with all the colours!

Along the nearby Cliff-top Trail, you’ll find two viewing platforms. When you descend the steel staircase to the lower platform look for the rare walking fern and spindly white cedars, part of an ancient old-growth forest – over 1000 years old.

You are asked to park in the designated parking lot on 3rd line just north or mono centre road but I have seen please park at the dead end on 2nd line just north of mono centre road.  The viewing platform is only about 1km in.

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