Day 309 – 365 – Orangeville Pubic Library

What do you do when you need information?  Look it up on Google right?  No, not all information is out there in cyber space.  Sometimes you need to visit the local Library…and that’s where I was today for hour.

If you haven’t been to the Orangeville Public Library you really should stop in and spend some time there. This library is awesome. Guess what else, they have tons of books and other media! I apparently need to spend more time at the library because I had no idea you could check out movies and audio books as well as all the normal forms of library materials.

The interior of the Orangeville Public Library is just as cool as the exterior. They have a bunch of separate reading areas and browse in. They have a kids reading room too.

While I was in, I thought I would do some research for some of my new ideas for after day 365.  To do that I was thinking the local news paper the Banner could help…and did you know that it’s all on Micro film that you can look at on the computer.  WOW how awesome is that!!!

The library has been serving the citizens of Orangeville and surrounding community since before 1907!

The History of the Orangeville Public Library

The Orangeville Public Library originated as the Orangeville Mechanics Institute in 1895. In 1907, having received a grant from the Carnegie Library Foundation, construction began on a new building to house the collection. Upon completion in 1908, the Library was officially renamed the Orangeville Public Library and opened its doors to the public. The impressive brick and stone building housed the collection and served residents and the surrounding area for more than 80 years.

In 1989, due to an increase in the population it served, changes in technology, and the growth of the collection, the Library underwent a major renovation. The original Library building was united with the old Bank of Commerce building. The architect’s skillful re-design and combination of the two buildings resulted in the Orangeville Public Library’s Mill Street location we are familiar with today.

The decorative stonework on the Broadway and Mill Street facades is representative of Beaux-Arts Classicism, a style of architecture popular at the turn of the century.

The Orangeville Public Library is located at 1 Mill Street Orangeville ON  L9W 2M2 and can be reached at 519-519-942-0517

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