Day 308 of 365 – Caledon Burger Co

I keep forgetting how close Caledon East is (12 minutes to hwy 9).  I also know that this blog is about Orangeville and Dufferin County but sometimes the cards don’t always fall they way you want them to..LOL.

So, while I was driving though Caledon East after a full day of showings and with my stomach speaking a different language I thought it was time to eat lunch!

Caledon Burger Co was the lucky winner…..

WOW! This is what fast food should taste like.  Just thinking about my experience makes my mouth is water. I didn’t know what to expect but once I walked in I found the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Since it was my first time in I didn’t know what to expect but one thing that was very evident was the staff were welcoming, very polite and helpful.

While I was there something that was odd to me was that in most fast food places you want to eat and leave as soon as you can but not here.  They make you feel like your in a restaurant!  I’m not kidding.

So, what did I order?  Well since they sell burgers I thought at would try the 6oz with bacon and cheese, and their fries.  Although they have so many other options, its their burgers that I had to try since they are ground steak as opposed to ground beef.

Here at CBC we are dedicated to creating healthier, fresher, tastier fast food. At CBC, we use 100% naturally raised Ontario beef, chicken, and pork. Free from antibiotics, steroids, or chemicals. Our burgers and buns are hand made fresh daily.

I have to say that, hands down, this is the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Typically, home made burgers from scratch normally win, but now that I’ve eaten here, I’m going to have a hard time going back to the home made ones.

The variety of the toppings was abundant and fresh and the whole place was so clean. I’ve been to other places all over the Dufferin county and the GTA, but Caledon Burger Co definitely raises to the occasion.  I’m so happy I stopped in to try the food!

Where else can you get fresh ground meat free from chemicals and steroids and have it low in fat content and still have super juicy burger and feel good after you eat it!

And all of the sauces are made fresh and they told me they have more menu items coming soon. Really was worth the drive!

Also, If you haven’t yet, try there CBC house made CHIPOTLE sauce. It goes great on their new Veggie burger and for french fry dipping:) (I asked someone about that one)

They are located at 16057 Airport Rd in Caledon East, ON L7C1E7 and can be reached at (905) 860-2000

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  1. Great write up on CBC! I completely agree. It’s hard to eat another burger once you’ve had fresh ground steak like that. Great blog too BTW! I was facebooked with your link and I am now passing it on…

  2. Hi David, Thank you so much for the inclusion in your blog! We sincerely appreciate your kind words and are thrilled you enjoyed your first visit! We really are very close and very connected to Orangeville, it’s business owners and residents. We are honored to be included! We look forward to serving you again soon! THANK YOU!

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