Day 307 of 365 – The George Kidd Tomb

Not to many things surprise me these days but the other day I was in Caledon.  On my way back to the office I took different road.  I stopped dead in my tracks (pardon the pun…LOL)

Never in my life have I seen a tomb this big in my lifeas I did that day, so I got my iPhone and looked up what I was standing in front of.  Below are my findings.

George Kidd as born 1795 in Carnew, Wicklow County, Southern Ireland, and died February 06, 1887 in Athlone. He married Ann Doyle Abt. 1824 in Ireland. She was born 1798 in Ireland, and died May 1871 in St James, Colgan, Ontario.

George Kidd was the only member of his family who did not come to Canada in 1824. He married a roman catholic girl, had become somewhat estranged from the family, but did finally arrive in Canada about 1847. Oddly enough the estrangement did not seem to last in Canada. He settled near Mono Mills at Athlone where he had a farm and kept a store.

They had 7 children together

JOSEPH9 KIDD, b. 1825, Dublin, Ireland; d. May 03, 1890, Chicago, IL, USA.
MARY KIDD, b. 1825, Ireland; d. 1861.
THOMAS W. KIDD, b. September 13, 1830, Dublin, Ireland; d. October 06, 1917, Seaforth.
ANN KIDD, b. 1829, Mono Mills, Ontario; d. December 22, 1856, Peel County, Ontario.
ELLEN KIDD, b. 1831, Ireland; d. 1860, Adjala Twp., Keenansville, Ontario, Canada.
JOHN KIDD, b. 1833, Wexford County, Ireland; d. May 05, 1891, Athlone.
ELEANOR KIDD, b. 1831; d. 1860.

The tomb is south located on Simcoe street on the south side of hwy 9 just east of Mono Mills and it looks like member of the family have been put to rest here.

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  1. I have a friend who lives right around the corner from this tomb on hwy 9. i took her dog for a walk and discovered it. i had to take pictures because i found it fascinating that this tomb is right at the beginning of a little sub-division and was wondering if the land above the tomb has a grave yard for the rest of the family or if there is any of the family still living in the area. it is a beautiful area up there and we go there often. it was just by chance that i discovered the tomb on my walk.

    • It is very cool. I didn’t know it was there…it’s kind of hidden 🙂

      • Hi there, I was doing some family research and found this post. I believe that George Kidd is my great great great great grandfather!! One of his children Mary Kidd was married to Patrick Keogh who along with the rest of the long line of Keogh descendants are all buried St James parish in Colgan ont. ironically, I have been driving by this place for the past 7 years going to and from work!! Any info you have would be MUCH appreciated! Could you please email me at


        • Hi Jodie, I wish I could tell you more. All the info I have on it is on the blog. It took some digging to find what I did.

          • I also believe I am a reltive if his although it has taking a lot of research to dig this up. my grandmother passed a few months after I was born, and her maden name was Cordio, but the family name wad KIDD, I just do not know who or what branch or anything else, if anyone has anyinfo that they can pass on I would be enternally greatful!

  2. I live about 500 meters from this place. Grew up with lots of stories and myths about it but never really knew anything about it. thanks for posting this.There was a time where you could see inside the big tomb and it seemed empty. I wonder what is really in there. Not that I am going to look lol If anyone has more info about this place please do tell..thanks again!

  3. This is such a cursory attempt to explain nothing: our family had owned this as a resting place for our family. Then the government disallowed the continued practice of Family Cemeteries. Within a decade or less,Our plot had been destroyed by the local drunks and other versions of subhuman. The government which caused this, will not even consider my suggestion of a student team from U of T anthropology course, do a shallow excavation in an attempt to restore the smashed headstones and restore our history. 416-802-1310

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