Day 306 of 365 – Dally’s Cafe & Restaurant

Updated Dec 21 2012

If your a business owner of a restaurant, how do you know if the location of your Caribbean food cafe is going to succeed.   Just ask the owners of Dally’s Cafe and Restaurant how many people order their dinner after they fill up with gas at the Esso location on Hwy 10 just south of Hockley road on the east side.

I filed up the other day and decide I would check out what they had on the menu and get a feel for the place.

One great advantage for Residents and workers in Orangeville and Mono is they can get a taste of the Caribbean without leaving towns limits.

Once inside I noticed some smiling faces behind the counter and with a big hello I found out lots of great things about this Authentic Caribbean and West Indian Food restaurant.  Ken and Shelly the owners serve some great looking Curry dishes, entrees like curry chicken, curry goat, jerk chicken, butter chicken, vegetable curry, side dishes like Roti, homemade pasteries like samosa, pineapple tarts, black bean cake, appetizers like Potato Balls, bara, lunch sandwiches and they are all freshly made on premises every day.

If you would like a cup of coffee then you will be getting Timothy’s and every cup is fresh brewed. Now if your in a hurry you can call ahead and they will have your order ready so you wont be late.

They also have great take out for parties and special occasions and on weekends you can treat yourself to a hearty breakfast and if you bring your iPad or laptop you can eat and read the news (I’m a techie so that would be something I would do..LOL)

1 Cedar Grove Road Hwy 10N (between First and Hockley Road) and can be reached at (519) 942-3141

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