Day 300 of 365 – Big Daddy’s

*January 2013 Update*
I’m sorry to report that they have gone out of business :(

Wow! Is this for real?

Today is Day 300 which means there are only 65 days left. LOL! As I keep telling everyone, one day at a time…I’ll get there and yes there are still lots of places to visit.

Have you been to Big Daddy’s in Dundalk yet? If not, get there! I’ve had friends and clients go on and on about how good Big Daddy’s is and I unfortunately didn’t have any food but I did have a Chocolate Milk Shake. For any of you that know me, you all know I love shakes and today while meeting up with clients just outside of Dundalk…I needed my fix :).

At Big Daddy’s they keep a very simple menu with an incredible amount of options.  The Big Daddy Breakfast for only $5.99, the awesome Tank burger for $5.29 and Dinner to boot!  They also have a ton of topping choices for your burger. Pretty much anything you can imagine putting on your burger is on the menu. One thing to keep in mind is the “Tank” burgers are a double patty!

In addition to wonderful burgers and fries you’ll find they have Awesome Milk Shakes :). I’ve also heard their dogs are great but haven’t tried one yet. Maybe next time

Big Daddy’s is located at 772188 Hwy 10, Dundalk, ON N0C1B0 and can be reached by phone at 519 923-5261

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