Day 298 of 365 – Icarus Skate and Snow

*September 2013 Update*
I’m sorry to report that they have closed  :(

Wow, what an awesome day!  I feel like it’s June..LOL.  It’s hard to believe I’m almost at day 300 :). I really love doing this “365 Things” project here in Orangeville. I’ve had the opportunity to get to discover some really awesome places and some amazing new people.  People I wouldn’t have necessarily met like Nicole White.

During the march break I’ve had residents of Dufferin county ask me for my recommendations of things their kids can do over the March Break.  Sometimes the conversation ended happily and sometime with frustration.  Frustration because their kids have outgrown the activities that are offered in our community.  One lady mentioned that she had done almost everything on my blog but her 15 and 18 year old’s where looking for something that teens can do without driving to Brampton or Newmarket.  That got me thinking about the things we are missing in Orangeville and Dufferin County, but I’ll have to save that for another day and another post.

So, today I want to encourage everyone to really start thinking about our local businesses and the owners of them. You don’t have always buy something.  Sometime it’s nice to just go in and meet them,  walk in and say hi. You never know who’s on the other side of the counter and that is true of Icarus Skate and Snow as they have stools at the counter (the old bar from the Juniper days)

Walking into Icarus Skate and Snow in  downtown Orangeville was just such an experience for me. I met Nicole within a couple minutes of walking in. I also found out that Jesse Fulton the professional retired Canadian snowboarder is one of the owners of this snowboarding, clothing and skate shop.

So for the next hour she shared the story about their business.  She told me about how it started, where the name came from and all the great services they offer. It is run by her and co-owner Jesse Fulton. Apparently Jesse used to be a competitive professional snowboarder (the crazy kind racing down perilous terrain at break neck speeds). Jesse also thought the skateboarder side of him would be a great mix . So, by mixing his two passions together they’ve created a great niche shop.

Canadian snowboarding icon Jesse Fulton was a coach with the Canadian snowboarding team at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Jesse Fulton is well known in the snowboarding world.

Originally from Thornbury and a resident of Shelburne, Jesse became a professional snowboarder when he was 14 and moved to Whistler at age 16 to pursue his dream in snowboarding.  He has 36 professional Podiums to his credit, including three national and a win at the North American championships.

Jesse was the first snowboarder in the world to accomplish the double backflip 1080 – “the Fulton Flip”  — in 1997. He retired, at number two in the world, from the professional circuit in 2004 at and moved back to Ontario. He officially quit competing in 2007 after an 18th place finish in the Australian Open.

During the wintertime they carry all the new gear and supplies for snowboarding such as the boots, boards, the pant and jackets.  Then in the summer they are a full skateboard shop and during each season they have clothing such as jeans shirts, sunglasses and even an awesome selection shoes. Icarus Skate and Snow is like your  “go to” shop in the Orangeville area for all your action sports and fashion needs.

So, if you’re looking for your snow or skate fix you might just want to check them out. They also have some cool novelty items in their store as well.  One thing to remember, they sell things that you might not find in other stores in Orangeville.

By taking the time to visit with Nicole (Jesse was away) I was also able to learn that Jesse is part of the top coaching programs in Canada — and is the head coach. He is now he is in his seventh year of Icarus Shreducation.  The program started with two athletes and it has grown to 35+ athletes in Ontario, as well as an additional 20 throughout the world.

Icarus Sake and Snow is located downtown at 94 Broadway Blvd and can be reached at 519-938-8985. They are also on Facebook and I’d recommend you become a fan. This shop rocks.

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