Day 288 of 365 – Orangevile Galaxy Theater & The Lorax

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, head on over to your local Orangeville Galaxy Theater to see the The Lorax.  My kid told me to say that :).

Ok, so am I the only one that has not seen the Lorax movie?  I had to work on Sunday when my family was going but I did get to see them before they went in.  I just happened to taking photos of the Galaxy Theater before I had to go to my open house.  As I was taking this photo my daughter yells Daddy!!!!!

As you can imagine being the cool dad I am, I went in and waited with them until the theater opened (so I was only there for only 10 minutes…OPEN HOUSE remember)


Now regardless of its ecological message: Although it keeps intact the ecological message of one of the original environmental books, that was first published in 1971, the movie version adds lots of great stuff.  This is second hand news to me, remember I didn’t see it…grrr.

My wife and daughter where so excited to tell me all about it, I thought that Day 288 of 365 could be about the Theater and Movie.  In keeping with the spirit of the Seuss original the movie is not like the book but it keeps the message alive and then Hollywood adds in all the great things that keep us entertained 🙂

oh yeah….the theater! As far as I know, the theater has 7 screens and if you like video games your in luck, as they have a huge sections just as you walk in.  They even have an air hockey table that I think should come home with me..LOL, but the great thing is that they sell CANDY 🙂

But on a serious note, this really is a clean and well looked after movie theater where families can enjoy a good night out and will not have to travel far if they want to watch a movie.  We are lucky in Orangeville as some towns have zero theaters.

Fairgrounds Shopping Centre, 85 Fifth Ave., Orangeville, ON, Canada – (519) 941-2333

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