Day 282 of 365 – Second Cup

I needed a quick pick me up this morning.  5:00am came early..LOL

So if you have a caffeine addiction? or your on the go and have no time to sit and enjoy a leisurely drink?  Then I’d recommend you swing by and enjoy a beverage at Canada’s own Second Cup. This is one of my families favorite stops along First St. They are easy to get to, conveniently located and make some wonderful drinks

My friends favorites are the Blended drinks like the Iced Hazelnut Latte, Superfruit Chiller or the London Fog. You need to stop in and give some of these a try. I’m sure you’ll discover a favorite or two…I like the baked goods and so today I had the Chocolate loaf, so yummy…:)

Second Cup is a proudly Canadian Company since 1975 with over 360 cafés, Second Cup is Canada’s largest coffee franchisor.

They are very committed to coffee integrity by certifying all 5000 associates of Second Cup as Trusted Coffee Experts who sell Fair Trade coffees and teas each week. It’s just our way of showing that there’s a little love in every cup.

Fairly traded coffees are coffees that are purchased at a premium that reflects the care and attention put into the production of the coffee by the producer.  This premium ensures that the producer is able to reinvest in their land and people to ensure sustained development of high quality coffee.

Creating a café connection in a café these days means more than just connecting locally. I love the fact that I can meet with clients and have FREE wireless internet access. But to connect the first time your going to need an email or a Facebook account to get started.

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