Day 281 of 365 – Wimpy’s Diner

Have you ever had the craving of something?  Today, after I finished showing houses in Erin I had the biggest craving for a chocolate shake!  I mean it was crazy….I HAD to have one..LOL

Then as I was driving by Wimpy’s the alarm bells started going off in my head!  Today’s Blog is all about Wimpy’s Diner 🙂

Wimpy’s Diner is an old fashioned 1950′s style diner with breakfast served all day and all sorts of great comfort food. It’ adorned with the 50’s and 60’s  theme with coin operated juke boxes and decorated with memorabilia the atmosphere is unbelievable and so is the food. Wimpy’s of course is known for its Famous Hamburgers, morning and all day breakfast, specialty lunches  There’s Wimpy’s Super Western, The Club, Steak Dinners and Shakes. Perhaps you’d like the Super Wimpy’s Burger or maybe take the lighter side of a wrap or home style dinners.

I was treated to great service, quality real milk shake…and it’s good value for your dollar is what brings our customers back time and time again.

Wimpy’s Diner is located at 400 Townline L9W 3Z6 , Orangeville, ON and can be reached at 519-943-1165

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