Day 278 of 365 – Orangeville Three-Day Psychic Fair

I think this is the first Saturday morning I’ve been home in the last month.  Sitting down and thinking about what I’ll do got me into somber mood.  It’s nice to slow down and read email….Yes, I said email and with that I’m amazed at the 10 emails from friends and clients saying…”David your a Star”, “David I saw you on the Food Network TV show called “You Gota Eat Here”, I was working so I missed it.  Philadelphia Kitchen was Day 42 of 365 and I’m so happy for them.  It’s nice to know that good people get rewarded for their hard work.

Now what about today?  Hmmm,  In search of something to do this weekend?  What about a three-day psychic fair (Feb. 24 to 26) at the Orangeville Curling Club on Fifth Avenue.  It  features clairvoyants, mediums, tarot cards, crystal balls and much more.  Wait just a minute…I wonder if the crystal ball can tell me of future of the real estate market…LOL

So if your looking for something different to do this weekend and have someone tell you “I read your energy. I can read your spirit,” or attend free lectures and demonstrations, as well as astrology, numerology, psychometry and crystalsthen you might just want to come and see for yourself :).  Believe or don’t believe it’s up to you.

The psychic fairs take place in Orangeville about two to three times a year, just look for the sign outside of the curling club. The admission costs $6

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