Day 275 of 365 – Pete’s Deli

Burning the midnight oil, that’s been me over the last month.  So, to keep going during my evening work hours I look for places that are open late and tonight I needed one.  Pete’s Deli is open  24/7, debit cards are accepted.:),they even have WIFI and an ATM….Sweet!

Do you remember the days when people would sit around the old coffee shop and enjoy a donut and cup of coffee? You know, the days when things moved slower and that’s how people caught up on each others lives. Before Facebook, the internet and cell phones. Just sitting and visiting…

Well, we still have a place like that here in Dufferin county, ON. If you head north on hwy 10 to hwy 89 then turn left and drive into Shelburne. There on the west side of the road you’ll see a new banner sign that says Pete’s Deli. If you stop in here you’ll find just that and more, donuts and coffee subs, daily entrees are available such as chili, beef stew, macaroni & cheese to name a few. They also have a variety of fancy goods to cure any sweet tooth.and anything else you can think of that a deli would carry  and a whole lot of yesteryear.

I know first hand that they are known for their outstanding bagels and awesome cheese cake!  Their bread products are baked on the premise daily so they will guarantee you freshness.  They also have outstanding sandwiches & subs that are custom made.  They aslo cater business breakfasts and lunches.

Pete’s Deli has been operating here since around….hmmm like forever. Yes, that’s a long time..LOL.

Sometimes it would be good for us to slow down and just enjoy a donut or coffee but for tonight, I have to run.  I’d recommend stopping by sometime and grabbing lunch or a donut.  They are great, reasonably priced and made fresh daily.

Pete’s Deli is located at 722 Main Street Shelburne, Ontario L0N 1S4 and can be reached at (519) 925-190

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