Day 272 of 365 – Simple Whole Foods

*****Sorry They are now Closed – Updated October 2014*****

After a long day I found myself craving Nut Thins (very cool crackers). I was on the east side of Shelburne in Primrose and Simple Whole Foods was calling my name. I’ve never been in Simple and I normally find most places on Hwy 89 open by change but today they where open.

Thankfully Simple is one of very few places north of Orangeville where you can find organic food. Just so you know Simple is a very small grocery store but they do carry the staples like, milk, bread, meat, fish ect..

They are a simplest terms… a natural food market, with an emphasis on local products.  When you visit Simple you’ll find: Organic and/ or natural, hormone-free, local meats (beef, lamb, pork, fish, poultry), Local produce (when in season), Gluten-free products and more!

They get their fresh bread from the Globe Restaurant on Fridays and Fresh gluten-free bread from Nature’s Own Bakery on Fridays

Simple Whole Foods is located right next to Pete’s Donuts on the South corner of hwy 89 and hwy 10 and can be reached at  519.925.9777

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