Day 257 of 365 – Maggiolly Art Supplies

Today was another one of those wonderful opportunities to visit with a awesome local business. If you aren’t getting to know our local stores and their owners your  missing a great opportunity. I’ve recently had several requests for me to “check out” our local Maggiolly Art Supplies store. I had it on my radar already but the gentle reminders were nice.

Maggiolly Art Supplies is a oasis of fun and creativity in heart of the downtown Orangeville. If your looking to get inspired their staff will help you get on your way.  They have a wonderful array of art supplies and if you want to discuss your ideas with us they can help move your ideas along. They are artists themselves and they enjoy getting involved with their customers projects, offering product information and tips on how to achieve your creative goals. Even if your are a new artist, a working artist or just thinking about it, get your creative juices galloping they will help.

If you are looking to learn to create some amazing works or just lean then I’d recommend you take one of their classes/workshops. They offer classes during the week and even on weekends). Each class price varies and includes all the materials you’ll need for the project plus the instruction and social enjoyment of meeting new friends.  This place rocks!

Maggiolly Art Supplies is located at 158 Broadway, Orangeville, ON and can be reached at (519) 942-9560.

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  1. Check out Maggiolly’s Creative Kidz classes on our facebook page! Search Maggiolly Art Supplies~ Creative Kidz Program!

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