Day 255 of 365 – Ice Fishing On Island Lake

The season begins after January 1 annually, when 7 inches of ice has formed on the lake (we now have 9 to 11 inches)

If you like to sit in a hut on the ice with a heater with 3 other people then It’s nice to know that Island Lake has frozen over but it was a late start to the season as ice fishing only started a few weeks ago.  The augers are out and it’s time for some great winter fishing. Orangeville has some excellent ice fishing to offer to all of you diehard fishing people who just can’t get enough.

Every year the object stays the same only the tackle, clothes, and your method of getting to your fishing hole changes.  You can fish for the day or make a longer term commitment if you like.

Northern Pike are native to the lake so this is that your going to catch but that is not to say it will be the only type. I’m just telling ya what I’ve been told, as I don’t fish.

Please remember safety first. Anyone who decides to go out onto a frozen body of water must make a personal decision to do so, realizing that there is a degree of risk associated with this choice. Ice seldom freezes at a uniform rate.  There is white ice, and black ice.  Black is the best to stand on as it contains no air bubbles like white ice.  But if your standing on the black ice it can be a little bit unnerving as you can see the bottom of the lake..Yikes.

Heated ice hut rental Half day – $26 person or Full day $36 / person
Reservation fee: $5 (non-refundable)
Fishing tackle rental (rod and reel) $6.50 / day
Drilling of ice fishing holes $1 – single hole$2 – three holes Minnow

673067 Hurontario Street South, Orangeville L9W 2Y9

Phone: 519 941 6329
Toll-free or Reservations: 1-800-367-0890
Winter (Jan. 1 to March 21): Seven days a week – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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