Day 253 of 365 – Orangeville Toastmasters

I have met lots of people over the years that have gone on to become great public speakers.  I have been told on numerous times over the last few months of my 365 things to do in Orangeville that I would make a great speaker and coach.  I think I’ll stick to real estate for now..LOL

However, I know people that attributed their gradually found confidence to the training and support of the Orangeville Toastmasters. Established in Orangeville 12 years ago, Toastmasters is a club that teaches and mentors individuals to speak in front of a group or crowd.

The focus of belonging to the club is to learn to speak in front of people. Just as with any version of putting yourself on the line to be before the public or a portion thereof, the result is, hopefully, confidence building and, for sure, a better understanding of yourself as you are reflected by your audience.

I know from others that attended that there is lots of clapping and lots of laughter.  It’s nice to have a very supportive group.  It makes life easy when your up in front of everyone.

When I was in school I found speaking in front of people too intimidating but over the years I come to love expressing myself to a group of willing ears ;).

Some people get what they need for the specifics and leave after a while. Others stay to continue learning and growing.

Over time, each new member is to give 10 speeches in order to achieve a level of Competent Communicator. At the end of each period during which a person gives a further batch of 10 speeches, that person advances up the “competence” ladder, as it were: leader, evaluator, officer holding a position on the executive and so on.

The Orangeville Toastmasters have a new Speechcraft course, that can help you become a more confident speaker! Learn the basic elements of writing and delivering a speech.

Monday evenings 7 – 9 PM -Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 13, and March 5
Winter Session fee of $98 includes all workshop materials. Registration is limited, so book your spot soon! After completing Speechcraft, participants often join Toastmasters as full members to build on their newly-acquired communication and leadership skills.  For more information, contact: Kersty at 519-941-3392, Carol or Paul at 888-829-2112 (toll free)  or www.orangevilletoast

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