Day 246 of 365 – Rebekha Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Update:  Sorry they have closed September 2013.

Not everyone enjoys sushi, right? How about Japanese food? If you like either one then you’ll enjoy Rebekha Sushi in downtown Orangeville. I was able to have lunch there the other day and enjoyed everything we had.

I’m not the only one that thinks they have great sushi…last year Rebekha Sushi won the 2011 favorite Japanese Restaurant in Dufferin county 6th Annual poll

They have a huge sushi section with all sorts of items. Veggie only, cooked, raw, deep fried and more. They also offer a section where you select from raw items and they’ll prepare it for you. I really enjoyed the salmon sushi and the spring rolls. Hadn’t had anything like that!  Also the amount you get is all up to you, but make sure it eat everything on your plate as there is a notice that you will be charged .50 cents for every piece that is not eaten!  No, worries on my part as I consumed everything my friends didn’t eat 🙂

Rebekha Sushi is located in downtown Orangeville at 35 Armstrong St Orangeville, ON L9W and can be connected at (519) 942-3400

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