Day 244 of 365 – Alton Forest

The other day turned out to be one of those perfect Orangeville days — the kind where you’re just looking for an excuse to get outside and enjoy this great winter (not much snow) weather. Now that the days are getting longer and it’s nice to know spring will be here soon, yes I know, I always see the brighter side of things..LOL), I’m loving these longer days

I like the Alton Forest because it surprises you. Hidden just south of Orangeville and in the the Hamlet of Alton (8 minutes from Orangeville). The intense jogger or cyclist is probably not going to find it nearly as charming as I do, but for days like yesterday, this is the perfect stop for Skiers or Hikers.

The Alton Forest is a significant natural heritage feature located along the banks of the Credit River. It is one of the few remaining areas along the Upper Credit with large, intact riparian wetlands.

It has walking trails that can’t be more than about few mile long, and it connects to to the larger Bruce Trail. It’s a nice alternative if you’re looking to avoid the crowds on other trails.  I didn’t know it was there until the other day when I was driving by.

If you want to take advantage of a perfect Orangeville afternoon, this is a great place to take the dogs for a stroll and maybe walk over a few blocks and have dinner at the Millcroft or checkout Rays Bakery. Now that’s my kind of night!

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