Day 241 of 365 – 3rd Annual Fire & Ice Winter Festival

Yesterday while I was at the Alton Mill Dam I noticed that this weekend (Jan 21 and 22) is the third annual Fire & Ice Winter Festival will be taking place at the Alton Mill.

This is such awesome event.  If gives everyone something to do for FREE.  It’s a event that takes place indoor and outdoor and features a wide array of activities and demonstrations for people of all ages . The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

We all have busy lives and I’m no different that anyone else.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a weekend off because that’s when people are looking for their new home. This weekend I’m working but I might get a change to come and take part between appointments.
I find people are often separated from  the community’s history. This event I think is a great way to connect people to the historic past that we all seem to have forgotten but do it in a fun, family-oriented way, without it being to expensive.

A voluntary donation is requested in exchange for admission, but is not required, to help cover some of the costs of the event. There will be a fee for some workshops, as well as food and drink available throughout the weekend.

On the fire side of things, people will have an opportunity to relax around campfires with music and stories, indulge in s’mores from Shaw’s Creek Café, take in several artistic workshops and demonstrations, including blacksmithing from Country Forge, decorate gingerbread and more.

Turning to the ice, there will be skating and shinny on the Mill Pond, milk jug curling, a snowball toss competition, free snowflake kids crafts and more.

Throughout the mill there will also be fabric and sewing workshops, an en plein aire painting demonstration, open studios, silk painting demonstrations and other community events.

The Alton Mill is located on  1402 Queen St., Caledon, ON L7K 0C3 and they can be reached at 519-941-9300 or on their facebook page

2010 Festival Video

Fire Throughout the Weekend: 

  • Relax around the campfires, with Music, Story Time with the Caledon Library, and Gourmet S’mores from Shaw’s Creek Cafe.
  • Country Forge-Black Smith Demonstrations and Workshops
  • Raku Demonstrations
  • Fused glass Workshops
  • Give it a Whirl – Encaustic Workshops
  • Gingerbread Decorating
  • Pottery Workshops

Ice Throughout the Weekend:

  • Chance to Win a Diamond ‘Treasure’ Ring from Gallery Gemma – Read More.
  • Creation of an Igloo
  • Ice Painting
  • Ice Skating and Shinny on the Mill Pond
  • Milk Jug Curling
  • Snow Sculptures – create throughout the weekend.
  • Snowball Toss Contest
  • Snow Showing with Caledon Cycle
  • Free Snowflake Kids Craft

Throughout the Mill:

  • Fabric & Sewing Workshops
  • En Plein Aire – Painting demo
  • Colouring Mandalas – Nature Play (deerhide, antlers, foxtail)
  • Silk Painting Demonstrations
  • Open Studios
  • Warm Galleries
  • Themed Art
  • Warm treats at the Cafe
  • Community Events

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