Day 232 of 365 – Tobogganing At Murray’s Mountain

After a freakishly warm start to winter then the big plunge down to -25c then back to seasonal temps, this weekend it appears that the snow will be back in Orangeville sometime I hope. But don’t let the inclement weather and the economy get you down – tobogganing is winter  fun on the cheap (FREE).

Dust off that classic sled, purchase a shiny new KrazyKarpet, or just throw a garbage bag under your tushy and stop by Murray’s Mountian.

This well-known park gets points for convenience and character.  If you don’t already live within walking distance it’s only a short drive to the hill.

The hill here is wide and, sandwiched between two schools, very safe. Located at the centre of Orangeville, and it has lots of room for tons of kids or adults. Come for night sledding for extra points.


The originator of the concept of assembling land for the school, the Sports Complex and a college was High School Board Chairman J.B. Dods (a Rotarian) in the early 1950’s.

After the Sports Complex, the Day Care Centre and the Education Centre were built, there was still about three acres of “wet waste land” which the Board of Education considered selling for houses. (A stream ran through it!) Lion Murray Young proposed that the Lions Club develop the land as LIONS PARK. Over several years the area was a dumping ground for fill from housing, swimming pool and road construction. When the Bromount Place was built, all the fill from the basement garage became available. There was more than needed for a level playground so Murray’s Mountain was created, quickly, from the surplus fill.

The topsoil came from the Hydro Substation on the 3rd line of Amaranth. Stone picking involved many Lions. Seeding was done by Lion Murray Young Sr. with help from Lions Terry Sullivan and Jack Hutchison and Young’s antique Ford 8N tractor.

Murray’s Mountain was nearly lost when the Town wanted to put a road from College to Fead Street. Objections prevailed and Murray’s Mountain survives, to the joy of many young people.

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