Day 219 of 365 – Cabin

As we get closer to New Years Eve Hockley Valley Resort seems to the the place to be, with the debut of Cabin, it’s just the latest addition the many offering at the hotel, ski and golf getaway located in Mono and it’s only minutes to Orangeville.

With all my appointments later in the day it gave me the opportunity to see what all the talk was about.  According to Chef Alex the new restaurant is named in honour of the first structure built on the property in 1865.  It looks like what’s old is new again (but very new indeed).  The Cabin opened on Wednesday (Dec. 21), and it looks like they have a awesome new approach and interesting twist on fine dining.

Fine dinning is not the right word to describe Cablin.  Instead I find Cabin is cool and modern but rustic in nature and it’s very comfortable from a décor point of view.  So if your looking for local food then this will be the place to come as it reflects what the surrounding areas have to offer.

While I was in this 2,600-square foot restaurant I noticed that they have enough seating for about 70 guests so your going to want to call and book your reservations.

There are a few things about new restaurant that I really find amazing and that is that the menu at cabin will be always changing, the menu for day one isn’t going to be the same as day seven.   Lets call it a menu in motion 🙂

The culinary experience at cabin will be defined by Hockley Valley Resort’s farm-to-table philosophy — the menu will be dictated by what is grown in the property’s two-acre fruit and vegetable garden, seasonal preserves, as well as fare from local farmers and suppliers.

The other aspect of the newly designed layout is it’s open-concept.  It really aims to cross the lines between kitchen and dining, as it’s equipped with an interactive chef table in front of the cooking area, as well as semi-private dining.

“There is a chef’s bar that will seat four people. You’re literally in the kitchen,” Alex said. “You’re less than a few feet away from the cooking line. It’s as close as you can get.”

Now if only I can get a reservation!  This place will be busy for months and years to come! My wife is going to be so happy when I take her here!

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