Day 213 of 365 – Shoe Kat Shoo

We’re getting closer…This is the last week before Christmas and I thought that I would swing by and see Kathie at Shoe Kat Shoo.  And yes it’s a SHOE STORE! (inside joke – ask Kathie when you go in and see her).

There are so many stores and big retailers that carry shoes and I’m sure if you spent the afternoon you would be able to get something for everyone on your list!  But if your looking for something different, that has character, style and comfort then you just might have found your new best friend.

Located at 85 Broadway beside the Opera House, Shoe Kat Shoo offers stylish, functional, and special occasion footwear, currently for women, she might get around to the men but that’s another story :). Kathie has been open for about a year and half but in that time she has searched out many little known makers that women will love and displays her clientele with shoes uniquely available at her awesome location.

Monday   11-7:00
Tuesday   11-7:00
Wednesday   11-7:00
Thursday   11-7:00
Friday   11-7:00
Saturday   11-5:00
Sunday by appointment

As she showed me around her store she said that she believes that given the option, women want to be fashionable every day; “it is not necessary to sacrifice fashion in order to be comfortable”.

Kathie’s mission is to find shoes that offer the best of all worlds; fashion, quality, and comfort – including shoes for the hard to fit foot with various widths.

Kathie really does go the extra mile for her customers and her store is stocked with so many different types of shoes for people aged 35 and up but she told me that a 17 year old girl and an 85 year old lady bought the same shoe the other week 🙂

Kathie wants women to make their shoe preferences known so she can personally help them now, and in the future.

I love to shop local!  I have hope that you’ll visit the places I have highlighted.  It’s not that I am opposed to the mall or the big box stores…I actually like the Orangeville Mall.  Its just that if everybody bought 1 present at an independent store, that would make a incredible difference to the local business owners.  I definitely encourage you to shop at local stores and at the Orangeville Mall instead of doing your shopping online or in other areas outside Dufferin County.

Sure, there’s things that might be easier for you to order on the internet but when you shop online the money completely leaves Orangeville…whereas if you shop at the mall and especially local boutique stores, the money stays here in Orangeville and Dufferin County!

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  1. Hey David
    I enjoyed meeting you and think this blog is a fantastic idea … a great way to showcase our wonderful town and county.
    You hinted to something special for day 365 … and I look forward to the surprise!
    Drop in for a visit again sometime … and bring your wife!! 🙂
    Kathie at Shoe Kat Shoo

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