Day 211 of 365 – Adams Christmas Tree Farm

It’s December and I really wasn’t thinking as I drove into the parking lot at Adams Christmas Tree Farm. Getting stuck in the mud was that last thing on my mind.  As I was driving I could feel the car sinking.  I guess it had been raining like crazy while we all slept and the temp was now 12C.

As I made my big loop making sure that I kept the car at a even speed I all I could see was water on top the grass.  Oh boy this is going to be fun I kept telling myself.  I got though FOODSTOCK alright only to get stuck 50 feet on the driveway  LOL.
and so began my visit with the Adams family.  (I did get out after Scott helped with his truck).  While I talked with Gary and Dee Dee in their kitchen, I could feel their warmth and kindness.

Gary and Dee Dee moved to their farm 22 years ago. Coming from the city to make a better life in the country and to raise their 3 kids just made sense.  About 10 years ago they decided to open a Tree Farm on their 200 acres and every year it seems to get busier and busier.  Families come from all over to enjoy a day together on the farm looking for the perfect tree.
According to Deedee the original Christmas tree, is the Balsam Fir, which is the only type of tree they sell.  Adams Tree Farm is just outside Shelburne to the west on the 7th Line of Amaranth south of 30th sideroad.

Folks are looking for an adventure, coming together to hunt for just the right tree and cutting it down themselves.  I was glad I was not stuck in the mud anymore :).  They sometimes have horses pulling wagons – or sleighs if there is enough snow unlike the mud and rain that I saw the other day. They also have hot chocolate for the kids (and adult too) and a small gift shop to check out.   Anyway, there are trees already cut for the less adventurous and all the trees will be shaken and wrapped as part of the price $35 for trees under 7 feet and $5.00 a foot above 7 feet.

Once you have the tree, your going to need the stand and they have that covered as well for only $30 you’ll have a good stand.

Now don’t forget the people in your life, of your acquaintance, who might like to have a tree but are not readily able to go and get one. When you are on your way to get yours, perhaps offer to fetch them one as well.

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