Day 201 of 365 – Noinkees

Wow, what a busy day.  I feel like I’ve been driving all day :).  It’s interesting to look back on how the day turned out, it’s kind of like Dominos when someone is running late and your waiting and waiting then you realize that your now late..Anyway, I’m now having a coffee and winding down after the adventures of Real Estate Virtual Tours, Showings and listing appointments.  Now, I think about the 17 days before Christmas. AAAH, Where has November & December gone? I can’t believe that in two weeks from now it will be Christmas Eve!

So, tonight I went to see my friend Miyeko who is the owner of Noinkees.  Her business is a small family run store that offers functional & unique high quality durable clothing as well as bath and body wash, soaps, accessories and gifts for women and everything you can think of that related to a day at the spa :). Most of their products are earth-friendly, organic, or fair trade with many local and Canadian-made items like the soap from Dundalk.  Noinkees has been open for 2.5 years but 3.5 if you count their online store.   Check it out as she is always adding new products at

If your having issues thinking about what to buy for Susan, Julie or your 10 year old daughter then come in for a visit at 168B Broadway on the south side “Thru the Tunnel” in downtown Orangeville.

Honestly, most people don’t know all the amazing local businesses in town and we do have lots of them.  So this year before driving to Brampton, Newmarket or Toronto to pickup that gift. Help support your neighbour and invest in the Orangeville economy.  I love Orangeville and Dufferin County.   To all the small local business owners I thank you for following you passion.  Miyeko, I love your store and I know others will too!  It’s absolutely amazing!

Noinkees is located at 168B Broadway.,Orangeville, ON and can be reached at 519-942-4456. You can also connect to Noinkees on Facebook.

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