Day 199 of 365 – Hogeys Sports Bar

It’s Saturday night (no it’s not it’s Tuesday morning..LOL), you take your kids to play hockey or  your looking for a place to grab a few drinks after a game.  Well, if you in the Alder Rec Centre then just walk up to the second level and check out Hogeys Sports Bar.

That’s precisely what I did the other day after meeting the owner Victoria at Ruby Pier.  She told me about how they offer simulated golfing inside and all the TV’s that people can watch the game on.  They even have a patio inside the hockey arena where you can eat and drink while watching the kids play hockey (How cool is that!) I didn’t get the opportunity to eat at Hogeys Sports Bar but I want to come back with a bunch of  friends and play some Golf and watch a Leafs game.

So, if you want to see one of the Orangeville Flyers games a good place to do this is Hogeys Sports Bar in the west end of Orangeville inside the Alder Rec centre on the second floor.

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