Day 191 of 365 – Osprey Wetlands

I was talking to one of my clients yesterday who wants to live as close as possible to nature, naturally it was hunting season and I asked him why?  It’s about hunting he said and my wife likes to write books.  Oh, she is also a huge bird watcher.

All I could thing about was…..we’re heading north today 🙂 I know it!  He continued…”I thought north of Shelbunre would be a great place to start”.

Well, I said let me show you the Osprey Wetlands (I know it’s in Grey County but only by 2 minutes outside of Dufferin)

Now for those of you have don’t know about the area, the Osprey Wetlands supply’s baseflow waters to the Saugeen, Beaver, Mad and Grand River systems.  The Wetlands also spans an area of over 6,500 acres and the NVCA owns and manages over 700 of those acres for conservation purposes.

Here is the surprising part…..The Osprey Wetlands defy the traditional fate of wetlands in Southern Ontario, the Wetlands has endured more than a century of settlement and remains relatively undisturbed!

These wetlands are one of the highest elevations in Southern Ontario-they are essentially a ‘raised bog’ that rest in a depression of bedrock.

One of many unique features found in this vast wetland is an esker surrounded by pockets of White Pine, Black Spruce and mixed hardwoods, all making for a diverse array of wildlife habitat.  I think my clients going to like the area…LOL

The NVCA’s portion of Osprey Wetlands was purchased through a joint effort.

The Osprey Wetlands are managed for conservation and recreational purposes and are considered a non-intensively used area.  You can fish for speckled trout, go hunting, bird watch, snowshoe, hike or read a book in the great outdoors.  And while I was there, I saw this cute muskrat swimming right next to where I was standing (see the photo below)

Hunting Pass Application Form Annual Permission to Hunt on Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Lands (NVCA) at Minesing Wetlands and Osprey Wetlands

From the Town of Shelburne, travel north on Simcoe Rd. 124 for 23 km. Turn left onto Centre Line and travel 2 km to area one and 8 km to area two.

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