Day 190 of 365 – R&R Coin Laundry

Sometimes things just happen.  This morning my wife does laundry and I clean the floors and vacuum and we’re happy with that arrangement.  I dislike folding socks and underwear and Julie dislikes the pushing of a vacuum and having to make sure the floors are just right, so we are both playing to our domestic strengths…LOL.  So this morning while Julie went to put in the first load she turned the washer on and “NOTHING happened”  Honey she called what sounded like the sweetest voice you can use to get something you wanted…”What ya doing”

There is one small downside to not having a working washer.  You have to leave the house with bags of dirty clothes drive to the laundromat and wait while the machines do the work.

So today, I ventured out for the first time since my 20’s to wash some clothes at R&R Coin Laundry

I wasn’t looking forward to going to the laundromat, for a few reasons.

1 – I thought it would be crazy expensive: the machines that I used years ago were costing me about  $30 a week (for just me and that was in Yellowknife but that’s another story), and I was afraid that the laundromat would be even more expensive after all these years especially with 3 people now.

2 – I was also worried that it would be a pain in the butt to figure out how to actually use the machines.  Years ago the washing machines were very easy to use..put money in and it turns on.  Now, with digital screens and iPad and iPods all I could think about was more wash cycle options, and they were hard to figure out.

3 – The last and biggest reason that I was not looking forward to it was that in Yellowknife  laundromats are often dingy and inhospitable places, where I often felt like my things were less clean afterward than before I brought them there.

Luckily, none of my fears were came true.  I spent $17.50 washing our 9 bags of clothes and $5.00 drying them, the machines were simple to use…put money in and it just starts, and the facility itself was bright and clean and the machines  looked like someone actually cleaned them once in awhile.

While I was there I had some time to do some math and I was amazed that after a full year the cost of this weekly adventure for 3 people would be $1,170.00.   That would be the cost of buying both a washer and dryer…That’s kind of like renting vs buying a home 🙂

R&R Coin Laundry
Monday to Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Located on First Ave in the Foodland Plaza in Shelburne ON

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  1. It’s a great story….good writing skills! Question…are you the owner of this laundromat? Curious, as I just came from there, where I had been doing my laundry for over 2 years (not by choice), and it is nothing like what you describe! First off…tonight I lost $11.25 in total. The change machine has 10 and the rest, the washer ate … so I had to find enough change in my purse to actually get the laundry done cause the other change machine doesn’t give out quarters! It was a nightmare. Not the first time having these types of frustrations. You got lucky your machines worked lol The place was dirty and to top it off, I waited around til 10pm (it closes at nine) for whoever runs it to come lock up so I could get my ten dollars that was literally peeking out of the change machine at me haha But guess what? NOBODY showed up at closing. In fact, it is still open right now….11:25…..guess they don’t like to work on Saturdays! I call this…the slums of coin laundry!

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