Day 188 of 365 – You Gota Eat Here!

If you’ve been following the 365 things to do in Orangeville blog since the beginning or day 41 you know about Philadelphia Kitchen…(Day 42)
What you might not know is that the Food Network TV has discovered it as well!  Really, they have and tomorrow they will be filming and interviewing customers that come into the restaurant starting at 11:30am Saturday November 26 2011!  I was there today and the film crew is awesome!  Joe & Michelle were having a great time showcasing what their restaurant is all about.  It’s a 2-day shoot for 10 minutes but I can tell it’s been a fun experience.
“Obviously, with this exposure it tells me they are heading in the right direction. “So what is the show all about?  Hmmm, good question.  I did some reached and this is what I came up with.  I asked John…LOL
You Gota Heat Here is about discovering Canada’s best comfort food… one bite at a time!
The series sends their charming, funny, and food-obsessed host, comedian John Catucci, on a quest to find Canada’s most delicious, mouthwatering, over-the-top comfort food.
John visits great joints, greasy spoons, and legendary restaurants to taste the food that made them famous and to meet the colourful characters that make them institutions.  John dives into the kitchens to find out what makes these signature recipes so damn good.
John is no chef… just your average Joe. He was raised on old school Italian food lovingly crafted by his Nona and Mama so he knows unpretentious eats and he knows a good “mom and pop” place when he sees it!  Each episode, John takes us to three restaurants that are doing it right. He introduces us to the owners and jumps into the kitchen to work with the cooks as they create their house specials.  John, then takes those dishes to the table-side and pulls up a chair with the locals to chow down and chat. He discovers what makes the restaurant and their signature dishes so great.Is this about Health Food?  Not in this show…LOL
Bring on the cheese, bacon and BBQ!  then take some Tums 🙂

The Show starts airing their 30 + episodes in Jan 2012.

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