Day 187 of 365 – Summit Books

Well, I discovered a cool book store in the Mono Plaza on Hwy 10 just north of Hockley Road.  I’ve actually driven past it for quite a few years not really knowing it was there but I actually went inside yesterday! Summit Books is that quintessential book store right in front of your nose. Upon entering I was amazed how big it was and the BOOKS!! Wow, it was wall to wall! I was curious what sort of books they carry so in I went.  Looking for something different? Having difficulty finding an old book? You might just want to take a peek 😉

I sometimes get tired of “chain” bookstores with all the same hype? If your looking for something different then take a drive to Summit Books in the Mono Plaza 3 minutes up the road from Orangeville, ON.  Summit Books is a locally owned and operated independent bookstore that has been operating since 1986. Yes, this is their 25th year in business. They not only specialize in used books but have an incredible small collection of newer paperbacks.

With a stock of about 20,000 titles their stock is mainly used, with many out-of-print, collectors’ items, and also a generous helping of current titles.  According to Leslie the owner about 15,000 of titles are not listed online but if you come in for a visit you’ll be amazed with the collection Leslie has amassed over the years. If you email him with your special requests he will source the book for you.

Leslie always put his priority on his customers and while I was there I had the opportunity to see him in action, he’s very knowledgeable, passionate and caring and will do his best to help with your adventure into the rich bookshelves and stacks of books where the past is hidden just behind a few pages 🙂

Oh, ya one more thing Leslie is a self published author of 4 books and his latest called” I Am Not Me” The Orangeville Novel” is on sale.  I picked up a copy while I was there and I’m looked forward to starting it this weekend 🙂

Summit Books is located in the R.R # 4 Mono Plaza, Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z1 and can be reached at 519-942-0498 or by email at

They are open Monday through Saturday from 11am – 5pm.
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  1. Dave:
    Thanks very much for dropping into the store. You did a terrific job with your presentation and I greatly appreciate it. I wish you continued success with your endeavour.

    Les Sabo
    Summit Books

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