Day 178 of 365 – Gauntlet Comics And Games

The comic book store is alive and well even in this world of mega stores. A place where you can actually visit with fellow comic book lovers and talk about the latest in a series or play some hard core D&D.

You can still find this culture at Gauntlet Comics and Games in Orangeville’s downtown core on Mill St.   Gauntlet Comics has a huge selection of comic books. You’ll find current issues, older issues, collectible issues and popular titles. I would imagine with the new popularity of AMC’s new program The Walking Dead we’ll see an increase of people looking to read up on this story or DC’s new run of Spiderman.

Gauntlet Comics & Games also carries a wide selection of games and gaming supplies. Everything from Magic The Gathering, Heroclix and Dungeons and Dragons to role playing games, and board games of all types and the supplies needed to run them. You’ll also find collectible figurines, t-shirts, games, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, collectibles and comic accessories.  If your looking for something to do on a Thursday or Friday night then come out to game nights running from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and don’t forget Wednesday is new Comic day 🙂

Gauntlet Comics and Games is located at 14 Mill Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 2M3 and can be reached at 519-938-2220. You can also connect to Gauntlet Comics and Games on Facebook.

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