Day 174 of 365 – Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail Part 2 (South Trail)

This may seem like a fairly obvious Orangeville thing to do…Wait no it’s not.  Today was one of those days were people I talked to would say “You did what”!  Yes, I went for a hike and on my back home it started to snow..LOL

All I could think about was the hot fireplace waiting for me..then I thought about you 😉

Lets take a stroll on the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail starting at Hwy 10 where the Home Hardward store is.  This is another great trail that is all part of the bigger one that circles Island lake. Naturally it’s still Fall  and getting out for a run, walk or hike is still easy to do if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy 🙂

A few things I like about this hike is that it takes you right through the southern part of Island lake on a boardwalk to the Island lake dam. Then all the way into Orangeville at (hwy 10 and 4th ave).  If you need some more distraction from the trail they also have a bring a camera along there are some awesome photo opportunities on the trail.

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