Day 169 of 365 – Shelburne South Hiking Trail

While I was out today with clients they asked me if there where walking trails in Shelbunre.  Instead of telling them about the trails, I decide to show them ;).

The current trail system that runs throughout Shelburne is comprised of various
sections of roadway links and the natural links.  There are also areas designated for future links and most of those will take place in the south end of Shelburne.

That’s were we where today, walking on a trail that currently has no name..LOL.  So, I will called it the Shelbunre South Trail Linkage.

The trail is about 1.5 km long and starts at the end of Old School Road (No Fills) and continues south just past Fiddle park at which point it crosses the road to the west.  KTH is on the north side and this part of the tail is the newest section that connects to the hill in Franklyn park.

Once on the other side of the hill it cuts though the KTH park to the right and then Centennial Highlands Elementary school property then back to No Frills (Old School Road).

It’s an easy walk and would be great for people wanting to go jogging and riding your bike :).  Have fun.

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