Day 166 of 365 – Erindale Park

I had a listing appointment yesterday in the south end of Orangeville and afterward I went for a walk because it was so nice.  After walking for around 20 minutes I found myself in Erindale Park.  The park is located on Dufferin/Erindale

It’s about 1.5 acres in size and it really is great little community park. Today the sun was shining and the park was empty as school had not finished for the day.  The large play-set would normally have a bunch of kids running around playing on it after school. Everytime I have driven by kids and adults seem to be having a great time. There is also a bridge in the park and  benches. I have even seen kids playing man hunt in the trees at the back of the park and there are nice walking trail through it as well as a large open grassy area to play on.

I found out later that the park was finally developed around 1966 after being part of a survey laid out by developers in the early 1870s.  Wow, it took that long..LOL

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