Day 165 of 365 – Dufferin Outdoor Supply

*September 2013 Update*
I’m sorry to report that they have closed   :(

Well, today I thought that Dufferin Outdoor Supply would be a good place to review since it’s hunting season.  I found that this is the place to go if your needing anything to do with the outdoors with regards to tackle and hunting supply in Orangeville.

Dan takes great pride in the services and products they provide. They have very friendly and knowagable staff and will go out of their way to provide you with the customer service and local knowledge that one would expect from a specialty store.  Their prices are very comparable to the big ox stores and in some cases your find that their prices are cheaper 🙂 but you get FULL service.

So, if your are a bass or fly fisherman, hunt turkeys, deer or any other game species in Southern Ontario, Dufferin Outdoor Supply is the place to go for all your outdoor needs. I’m not kidding!

Dufferin Outdoor Supply is located at 312 Broadway, Orangeville, ON,  L9W 1L3 and can be reached at 519-941-4218. You can also visit their website

Here is a little bit about the Dan and Holly Thomson (from their website)

Owners, Dan and Holly Thomson enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. Dan grew up fishing the famous waters of the Bay of Quinte for Walleye, Bass and Pike.
Married now for 15+ years, he has brought Holly over to the ‘dark side’ and she now joins him on many adventures.  Holly has now taken up hunting and was successful her first season turkey hunting with a whopper of a bird. Ice fishing Cooks Bay and Island lake with our kids is one of our favourite pastimes in the long winter months.  Cruising on our motorcycles and spending time on the dock, or out in the boat, fills our spare time in the summer months.

Dan is an avid hunter and spends every moment he can spare, either up in a tree waiting for bear or deer, or out in a field somewhere pursuing Canada geese or any ducks he can convince to come and check out his decoys.

We invite you to come on in and share your stories with us, and we will gladly share ours. We will endeavour to supply all the goodies you need to make your next outing a successful one.

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