Day 163 of 365 – Paranormal Activity 3

Tomorrow is Halloween and I thought I’d share a movie I’m familiar with around here for those who might be looking for a place to go.  Do you like scary movies?  You know the ones that make you jump? When was the last time you got the shivers from just watching a movie?  Check out Paranormal Activity 3 at the Galaxy theater.  It’s awesome but thats coming from someone that likes these types of movies…LOL.

It’s Crazy scary and it will make you jump, I’m not kidding!

Paranormal Activity 3 is a 2011 American supernatural horror film. It is the third film of the Paranormal Activity series and serves as a prequel, set 18 years prior to the events of the first two films.  In Orangeville the film was released on   October 21, 2011.   Since then the film has broke financial records, setting a new record for a midnight opening for a horror film ($8 million).  I love movies that scrae you to bits but this on tops the list for me.

In 2005, Katie delivers a box of old videotapes to her pregnant sister, Kristi, and Kristi’s husband, Daniel. A year later, Kristi and Daniel’s house is seemingly burgled and the tapes are missing.

In 1988, a young Katie and Kristi live with their mother, Julie, and her boyfriend, Dennis, Kristi begins interacting with an invisible friend named Toby. Dennis notices that since Kristi’s friend appeared, strange things have been happening in the house. Dennis and Julie try to make a sex tape, but are interrupted by an earthquake. While they look for the girls, the camera shows dust fall from the ceiling and land onto an invisible figure in the room. The figure then moves and the dust falls to the floor.

While reviewing the footage later, Dennis notices the strange incident. He invites his friend Randy over to view the footage, who suggests that Dennis place cameras throughout the house to capture any other incidents. That night in the girls’ bedroom, Kristi wakes up and begins talking to someone off-camera before going back to bed. When Dennis questions her about this the following day, Kristi tells him that it is Toby. After more disturbed nights and strange occurrences, Dennis discovers a strange symbol in the girls’ closet. He finds the same symbol on a picture of women in a book about demonology. Dennis explains to Julie that the symbol belonged to a witchescoven that brainwashed girls of child-bearing age into having sons and then forgetting about it, but Julie dismisses his claim.

Your going to have to see the trailer of just go see the movie…BOO

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  1. Yea I saw all three the third one was pretty good. Nice to see how it all started. Yea the ending was pretty disturbing but not as bad as I thought. I thought you would see more but the worst was probably the suspense. But in all it was a good way to complete the story.

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