Day 162 of 365 – Mochaberry Coffee and Company Ltd

I love my “job”. Part of being a Real Estate Agent is getting out and exploring and discovering new places here in Orangeville (AND surrounding areas).  We should know our community that we work/live and play in.   Yesterday I had the fortune to check out Mochaberry Coffee and Company Ltd  restaurant in town. Mochaberry’s has been under new ownership since about April.  Yes, it’s taken me all this time to profile them but it was a great timing because I was able to meet the new owner Troy Brett.  He’s off to a very good start! and he has some great ideas to improve the cafe over the next year.  So keep posted I’ll let you know when I hear the new plans 😉

For those that have not been here, the atmosphere is very warm, inviting and comfortable. You’ll find small tables for close, intimate meetings. Free WIFI, Mochaberry Bean Bar (coffee beans), You’ll find larger tables to gather groups of friends together to share fun times and good food and drinks. You’ll also find a few couches in the back of the cafe to sip your coffee or tea, with some dessert or maybe some locally made carrot cake. You can also enjoy (and purchase) the local artists works that adorn the walls.

I felt so at home in Mochaberry’s that I stayed for lunch used their WIFI to complete some work before heading out on the road again.  For lunch I had the Montreal smoked sandwich and a pumpkin late….It was SOSOSOS good 🙂

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