Day 161 of 365 – Cataract Waterfalls

Ah, Friday in the woods… If you live in Orangeville or Caledon you most likely know about the Cataract Waterfalls. If you don’t, allow me to introduce you. This 50 foot waterfall is surrounded by ruins from its days as the power source for industry. Above and below the falls the gorge walls have been reinforced with concrete. I’ve always found ruins to be very interesting, but for many they will detract from the beauty of the falls because of the graffiti. You’ll find wonderful open space to run and play plus great areas to sit and view the falls.

The Cataract falls is one of the more impressive waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment. It is roughly about 10 minutes south of Orangeville and 5 from Alton.  You can park in Cataract and walk down to the falls within 5 minutes but watch out for all the no parking signs as I mentioned yesterdays post.

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