Day 160 of 365 – The Elora Cataract Trailway

Today I ventured by a trail I hadn’t been by for a few years. I have clients that live in the area and I always found myself time strapped as I like to visit with my past clients but no time for going for a walk.  In the past I’ve spent a few hours on a Sunday or Saturday going for a walk or even a bike ride on the trail and I’ve always said that if I ever have the time I would ride to Elora just to say I did it :). Every time I have been it’s  always fun and peaceful.  One with nature…LOL

The Elora Cataract Trailway is the trail I’m talking about. This park has some spectacular views in it. If you haven’t stopped by you really should consider it.

So what is the The Elora Cataract Trailway?  Well it’s a 47 km trail (Old CP rail line) that starts in either Elora or Cataract and is on a section of the Trans Canada Trail system which follows an historic railway line joining two major watersheds, the Credit River and the Grand River.

The trail passes through a glaciated landscape where forest and farm fields abound. In addition, the trail, passes through several towns and villages including Cataract, Erin, Hillsburgh, Orton, Belwood, Fergus and Elora.

All parts of the trail are open to walkers/hikers, cyclists, wheelchairs and skiers/snowshoers while designated sections are open to snowmobilers (in season) and designated sections are open to equestrians except during the spring between March 15 and June 1.

Access is available at most road intersections and parking is available at several trail-head parking locations but you might find parking in Cataract very challenging as owner of homes in the area have no parking signs everywhere.  I guess it can be very busy with tourists.

Please check the trail map at
Have fun exploring!

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