Day 159 of 365 – Hunting In The Dufferin County Forest

While I was showing houses to a new client today, we happened to pass by the Melancthon tract (One of the 12 Dufferin County Forest Tracts). It’s one of the most North Western areas and some people even say remote.  Hunters like these things and thou I’m not a hunter my client is…..So, day 159 is about hunting in the Dufferin County Forest.

Dufferin County Forest is divided into twelve tracts. These tracts are located throughout Dufferin County in the Townships of Mulmur, Melancthon, Mono, Amaranth, East Garafraxa, and East Luther.

hunters are required to obtain a forest use permit from the County in order to hunt in the County Forest. The permit is valid from the date of issue until the end of the current calendar year (except for the period between June 1 and September 30). The fee for the permit is $30.00 + HST = $33.90 which is used to support the ongoing management of the Dufferin County Forest; specifically the provision of signs and advertisements to inform both hunters and non-hunters about the times when they can expect the greatest number of hunters in the Forest. Permits may be obtained in person or by mail from this address. Please make cheques for permits payable to the County of Dufferin

NOTE:  If you do not like, support hunting or even like photo’s of dead animals PLEASE DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER!!!!

Here is a list of what you can hunt during the season.
2011-2012 Hunting Seasons

Please note that the Dufferin County Forest is mainly within two Wildlife Management Units as defined by the Ministry of Natural Resources:

Pheasant  Sept. 24 – Dec. 15
Squirrel Sept. 24 – Dec. 15
Grouse Sept. 24 – Jan. 15
Rabbits, Hares  Sept. 24 – last day of Feb.
Wild Turkey October 11 – 23
Raccoon Oct. 15 – Jan. 15
Weasel Oct. 25 – last day of Feb.
Opossum Oct. 25 – Jan. 15
Deer (bows) Oct. 1 – Nov. 6,Nov. 12 – Dec. 4   Dec. 10 – 31
Deer (shotgun)  Nov. 7 – 11   Dec. 5 – 9
Wild turkey Apr. 25 – May 31, 2012
Snapping Turtles July 15 – Sept. 15
Wolf, Coyote  all year
Red Fox all year
Skunk  all year

This is what I found when I walked in.  Not the greatest sight if your not a hunter. Plus, they could have cleaned up the garbage before they left.

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  1. While the garbage is most definitely human, the deer carcass is not. That was likely left by a coyote. There is no point in hunting a deer and leaving most of it in the forest, especially in that condition.

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