Day 148 of 365 – Make Your Voice Heard It’s Election Day In Ontario

Get out and cast your ballot today.  That’s what I did and WOW do I feel good!  The big day is upon us. It’s an opportunity that comes around but once every four years, so don’t miss your chance.

That’s right, it’s election day (Oct. 6) throughout Ontario. Voters head to the polls to determine who will lead the province and, more directly, who will carry their voice to Queen’s Park.

There are a wide array of issues on which to base your decision — the economy, health care, education, environment … the list is endless.

While we hear much about the party leaders, none of them are running in Dufferin-Caledon this time around.

Featured on local ballots will be the NDP’s Karen Gventer, Lori Holloway for the Liberals, Progressive Conservative candidate Sylvia Jones and Rob Strang of the Green Party. Oh, and there’s Daniel Kowalewski of the Libertarian Party, but he’s not been around to campaign at all.

During the 2007 general provincial election, little more than half of local eligible voters (39,737 of 75,695) bothered to participate — a figure that came in slightly lower than the Ontario-wide average.

Much of society is clearly not taking advantage of its democratic right to select our government representatives. This not only reflects poorly upon us elsewhere in the world, it erodes the credibility of the very people who represent us.
No matter who you choose to vote for, be sure to get out and cast your ballot this Thursday.

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