Day 147 of 365 – Olympic Pizza

Tonight on my way back from Stratford where I was a presenter at REbar camp un-conference (this is where Real Estate Agents meet and share ideas with other about things they’ve doing that adds value to their clients and business)  I found myself hungry and needed somewhere to profile for day 147.

I found myself in Grand Valley hoping for Pizza…LOL and looked what I found still open with a happy smile on his face but Anthony of Olympic Pizza. To my joy, they had 2 slices left! I’ve eaten here at lunch several times and always had pizza. I thought I’d try something different tonight but NO pizza it was 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed their pizzas. They do some cool varieties and combination’s of local fresh ingredients on their pizzas. So tonight I opted for the same.  They do have other selection of soooo many things such as wraps, salads, gyro, Spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce and parmesan. They are open from 11am until 9pm daily, Friday and Sat until 11pm. The atmosphere is get in and get out, ti’s fast but good when you need the quick fix 🙂

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  1. Dave enjoyed your presentation Wed. Had to sign on to see if you found time to place your blog. Good on ya. !!!

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