Day 146 of 365 – Perfect Shoe Repair

Perfect Shoe Repair is a great place to go. This local store in the Orangeville Mall is a wonderful way to keep your shoes and other items in good repair 🙂  Nick the owner was so helpful and kind when I went in to see what he could do with my beat up shoes.

I enjoyed going in and wandering around. You never know what sort thing you might find. They carry, shoes, belts supplies and a variety of other services they supply.  Just look at the list for things they can repair such as, foot wear, leather and vinyl work, zippers, sports equipment, bags, belts, horse take and blankets…the list is so large 🙂

In addition to all those things they even sharpen knives and scissors, dye satin shoes, key cutting, leather alteration…If Nick can fix it, I don’t know who can…LOL

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  1. You are number 1, if you go and repair something at Perfec Shoe Reapir.
    Worth a visit. 😊😊😊😊

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