Day 145 of 365 – Sweet Chili

Have you ever have difficulty choosing between Thai food or Vietnamese food? Well, right across the street from ESSO on First Street and Fifth Ave in Orangeville, that dilemma has been resolved for you.  Sweet Chili Just opened today & they offer a full fare of Asian selections.

They are open at lunch and dinner and today I went in for lunch .  The Pad Thai was awesome,  the service was A1.  Overall I was very pleased with the food and atmosphere. They have a huge lunch variety in the $8-$10 dollar range.

Just looking at everything on the menu I have some favs include: pad thai, cashew chicken, spicy shrimp salad, orange chicken and brown rice, Mussels, Ribs, Salmon and the curry is good too!).

In my opinion, Sweet Chili a great new addition to Orangeville.  Definitely a 5 star rating!

So, if you haven’t been to Sweet Chili I’d suggest you head over and give it a shot. They are located at 82 First, Orangeville, ON  and can be reached at 519-415-484

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