Day 134 of 365 – Mansfield Outdoor Centre

Did you know that we have a kids camp with 300 acres, on the pine river with some awesome fish.   I’m writing about this because while I was out showing homes in Mulmur I found myself thinking about what I was going to blog about today when …BAM I was driving right toward the Mansfield Outdoor Centre.

So what is the Mansfield Outdoor Centre?  Well it’s a privately owned leading provider of curriculum based outdoor education and outdoor recreation in Central Ontario. They offer group facilities in a natural environment and encourage a respect for the land and our planet. Their offerings include an outdoor education centre, a public cross country ski resort, a children’s summer camp, a seasonal family campground and a weekend conference / retreat facility.  They are situated on 300 incredibly beautiful acres in the hills of Mulmur Township and offer group facilities in a natural environment and encourage a respect for the land and our planet.

The Pine River meanders close to this rustic camping area. A fire pit, picnic tables and outhouses are supplied leaving substantial room for tents to be set up with a beautiful view of mixed forest and meadow. Water can easily be transported from the nearby main lodge.

If you have a group bring them to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre for a weekend and rediscover the good things in life – the important things, the things that really matter.  Take time to connect with yourself, with others in your group, and with nature. Have fun! Relax and play. Think and learn. Understand and appreciate. Put on your comfy clothes and stretch your legs – and your imagination, heart and spirit.  That’s what I did today minus the comfy clothes…I was working LOL

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